Scentura's Longevity

By staying true to the Founder's vision of passing along the opportunity to others and allowing them the opportunity to be in business for themselves, Scentura has endured across nearly four decades.

In that same time-span, hundreds, if not thousands of major companies have come and gone. But very few have stayed relevant and operational for so long. This is no doubt a testament to the idea that there is plenty of business out there for everyone, and that success can be achieved by helping others, rather than competing.

Other factors that have contributed to Scentura's long term success include:

  • Avoiding long-term debt and staying conservatively leveraged so they're less susceptible to economic downturns.
  • Sticking with a distribution model that is efficient and effective for all parties involved.
  • Using only the finest ingredients and the best perfumers to continually create high-quality products.
  • Always keeping the Reseller's interest in mind when making any major decisions.
  • Providing merchandise to Resellers without the need for any large inventory investment.

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