How it all got started

Scentura Creations was founded by Larry Hahn in 1975. He started the company with the idea that if he could take a simple business concept and allow other people to go into business for themselves, he could build a business that would make himself and those around him successful.

Nearing age 30, Larry decided that he was tired of job-hopping and never getting ahead financially, and that it was time for him to take responsibility for his own success. He knew the only way possible was to stop working hard for someone else, and go into business for himself.

Early on, Larry began purchasing housewares and other consumer goods in bulk lots. He used every dollar he could scrape together to purchase goods on which he could turn a small profit.

Soon he had enough money to start purchasing larger wholesale lots and lease a warehouse space to store merchandise. It was at this point he realized that it was time for other people to get involved with his simple business concept, and to give them the same opportunity to be in business for themselves.

This concept has been the foundation of the Scentura Opportunity – give the average individual a chance to be in business for themselves, so they too can experience financial success and control their own destiny.

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